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Hi guys!

My name is Christina Parga and most of you know me as @depechegurl <3 I was born in Hollywood on Sunset Blvd (cool, right?!) and I've always been obsessed with music and make up - Depeche Mode and lipstick in particular.  Like my Instagram bio, I'm just an 80's gurl stuck in the 90's.

I was merely 5 years old in the left side photo wearing a bright raspberry lipstick and I felt as if I was a better version of myself; a girl who could conquer the world while making a statement! I was instantly obsessed with this new form of self expression. Throughout my Elementary School years, I'd sneak and wear nude eyeshadow on my eyes, curl my eyelashes with my mom's eyelash curler, and apply a tinted lip gloss daily - as those were easier to get away with without getting caught by my parents. Ha!

As I entered Jr. High School, I already knew who I was and what my true self represented (nothing has changed); this inwardly shy girl who wasn't afraid to make a statement with my outward appearance, nor conform to society.  I am 12 years old in the photo to the right, wearing my absolute favorite lipstick of that time, Revlon Blackberry! I remember getting caught by my dad as this photo made it to the yearbook, unbeknownst to me.  Yikes!  But, I had to represent my lil' goth grungy self :) I've always been drawn to the unusual dark arts; make up, music, fashion, home decor, etc.  It ignites the inspiration from within and sparks up that drive I have inside.  So, anything creepy or strange always catches my attention.

By the time I was in High School, my dreams already had set in. I wanted to start my own cosmetic line!  I also wanted to delve into freelance work and perfect my craft but I soon realized I wasn't into applying make up as much as I thought I was. I never thought this dream would be a reality, it's all still a blur. I also never imagined being able to garner an audience through my aesthetic on social media.  The elements of my lil' black heart and dark soul are fully expressed through Cryptic Cosmetics. Hopefully, you guys will catch them all ;)

What is beauty to me?  Beauty to me is being yourself while having self confidence, rocking a bold lip and dressed in all black.

"Work hard, stay humble."

Sending you all some Cryptic Love,

Christina, xx